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Chantell Beech
Immune and Overall Well-being Boost
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I’ve so heard so amazing things about black seed oil so I decided to get the Immortal Health black seed oil for my father as he was struggling with always being run down and getting sick. Honestly it was BEST DECISION! His overall health has improved so much. He feels healthier and even looks it. Planning to order myself a bottle. Highly recommend
Zeynup C
Brain Fog, Anxiety, Acne, Super soft and Smooth Skin
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This is for sure, the best black seed oil I have used its unfiltered that’s what makes this product amazing this product is great for overall health. it helped with my foggy mind at times anxiety as well started using it on my face cleared up acne my skin feels super soft and smooth. Don’t forget to say bismillah before you take it.
Dollidah Sader
Best Natural Anti Inflammatory, Brain Health and Skin Treatment
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Where do I start when it comes to the benefits of Immortal's Black Seed oil and what it has done for my family and I. This list is long but i will name a few from the best natural anti inflammatory, brain health and skin treatment product I have ever used. Immortal's Black seed oil is part of my family's daily routine. An amazing product. Highly recommend.
S Nixy
Skin Issues From Within Soothing my inflamed skin on my Hands
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What I would like to say about this product begins with the fact it is delivered in a glass bottle. To me, every thing tastes better from glass rather than plastic. The flavour is a strong potent one with an aroma to match. I believe this has improved my skin issues from within soothing my inflamed skin on my hands. I recommend for people to give this a try if you’ve got problems like me.
Joline G
Autoimmune Condition and Energy boost
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Amazing product! I was recommended by my nutritionist to try this black seed oil and unlike other natural remedies I started to see improvement instantly. I have an auto immune disorder and decided to stop western meds and am so happy I found a Natural remedy that not only helps reduce inflammation but also gives me energy to get through my day! Must try!
Achol Anyuat
Period Pain and Chronic Fatigue
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"My period pain has completely vanished, and I no longer suffer from the extreme lower back pains that used to plague me every month. I now feel healthier than I have ever been and I feel like my performance in life just keeps getting better day by day
Sonia Canova
Severe Vaccine Injury
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“The vaccine injury was severe, Immortal Health’s black seed oil restored me. I couldn't move, I couldn't function and a year later I'm now a whole new person!”
Michael "the wild thing" Hall
Severe skin issues
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"My skin feels brand new like it's been modified with no more skin irritation and no stomach bloating since the fight and made victory with a TKO win."
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