For SEVERE Period Pain: The SAVIOUR, Black Seed Oil

Period pain is no longer apart of me because of the Unfiltered Black Seed Oil from Immortal Health has completely changed my life!”

“Period pain that was so SEVERE was gone, I couldn’t believe the benefits of black seed oil.” Said Achol Anyuat the 29 year old Sales Agent and Entrepreneur.

“I was feeling extremely unwell with the flu before I discovered this incredible wholefood. After taking it, my life has never been the same. The first day I began using the black seed oil, I felt an immediate difference.

Although the taste was really unpleasant, but as I continued taking it, the flavor improved, and now I can even say that I enjoy it. The wholefood tastes so potent and strong, like it’s immediately doing something amazing for my body. 

Additionally, I am no longer bloated, and my stomach feels tighter and more toned than ever before.”

“My period pain has completely vanished, and I no longer suffer from the extreme lower back pains that used to plague me every month.”

I really can’t believe it, I’d never imagined that I’d be training during this time of the month. Thus, I’ve been going to the gym during my period and complete my usual workout routine, something I never thought would be possible.

The Benefits of Black Seed Oil for Menstruation Problems are so real, but it’s Immortal Health’s that made a difference almost instantly! I’ve also been struggling with chronic fatigue for as long as I can remember, to the point where it would always leave me feeling anxious, exhausted. I’d essentially feel like I’m running on 20% – 30% battery.

But now, I am full of vitality and energy. I feel joy and happiness because I feel that I’m finally working at my highest levels.

“I now feel healthier than I have ever been and I feel like my performance in life just keeps getting better day by day”

“I’m new to the wellness space and I feel the blackseed oil has been the best way for me to begin taking control of my body. I really can’t express how grateful I am for this incredible wholefood.

Immortal Health’s Blackseed oil has really changed my life, and I’ve been recommending to all my friends and family, I also highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing.”

Thank you for reading Achol’s testimonial! From living with Chronic Fatigue, low energy levels, and living in total agony at least once a month. 

She is revitalised, feeling better than she ever has before. She now no longer suffers from menstruation pains and has now made life style adjustments after the way the Unfiltered black seed oil has helped her total well-being!

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