Black Seed Oil Benefits – Skin Irritation and Bloating

“Stomach bloating & Skin Irritation has been an ongoing issue of mine for as long as I can remember, that I was never able to fix. Immortal Healths Unfiltered Blackseed Oil benefits were mentioned and recommended by best mate and physiotherapist.

Skin Irritation & Bloating KO’d by Unfiltered Blackseed Oil benefits!

Michael ‘The Wild Thing’ Hall, 31, Professional Boxer

My health is extremely important to me as a professional boxer. I train young amateur fighters aspiring to become professionals during the day. When my coach calls and tells me that I am in an undercard match at a professional fight event, I\’m ready to roll the jabs. Even though camp can be fun and challenging at times, every athlete\’s number one enemy is…… the diet!

During the 6-week preparation to lose weight, it\’s the irritation that\’s the most stressful part. Quite often I have stomach bloating issues and my skin gets irritation that affects my legs and hands when I sweat out from training. When I was in fight camp, my good friend recommended black seed oil to me as he mentioned the blackseed oil benefits are unmatched according to him. He gave me a bottle and swore the whole world how good it is and how it protected his family during the covid breakout and gave them stronger immunity.

He said “Immortal Health is the only brand I trust out there, it’s unfiltered with no added preservatives in it, and the nigella seeds come from the mountains. Not from other continents and regions of the world that spray it with pesticides. I and my family are feeling better and healthier than ever, try it out bro!”

I was a bit hesitant at first thinking it could affect my weight, but I figured why not let’s give it a shot. I put a tablespoon of it in my salad, and it gave a bit of flavour and kick to it which I liked. I had a teaspoon of it with a little bit of raw honey, it gave such an earthy taste which I liked.

Fast forward 6 weeks later, my skin feels brand new like it’s been modified with no more skin irritation and no stomach bloating since the fight and made victory with a TKO win. The journey has been an incredible life lesson for me on how important the blackseed oil benefits can help with the balance of health. I take it every day now that I\’m so proud to be sponsored by the team of Immortal Health, backing up “The Wild Thing!” 

Unfiltered Black Seed Oil by Immortal Health, get it in ya, it will knock the stomach bloating out of your sight!”

Thank you for reading Mike ‘The Wild Thing’ Hall’s testimonial on how our Unfiltered Black Seed Oil has helped him rid his Stomach Bloating and Skin Irritation issues!

Black seed oil truly is the most powerful superfood and spice on earth, nothing compares to its unique attributes that seem to be a remedy for almost every known disease. We believe every household should have a bottle of Unfiltered Black Seed Oil in their pantry and should be consumed man, woman and child.

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