Vaccine Injury! Black Seed Oil to the rescue!

“The vaccine injury was severe, Immortal Health’s black seed oil restored me.” said Sonia the 48 year old Childcare Worker.

The vaccine injury affected me VERY BADLY. I could not function normally! Immortal Health’s black seed oil turned it all around. Before I used the black seed oil, I was left bedridden, with ongoing flu-like symptoms leaving me ALWAYS with chronic fatigue!

I had resulted into exhaustion and depression, and I felt like everything was falling apart for me due to the vaccine.

“In spite of my faith and trust in God, I knew there was a better and safer way to break out of this vicious cycle.”

Thus I reached out to my friend and I expressed my despair and emotions over the phone about what the vaccine injury had put me through, which left me in tears.

I caught up with my friend and I was amazed at how incredible she looked. Her skin was glowing in addition to her hair looking rich and thick! Tt was like she was full of life. “Tell me what you’re doing, what have you been doing?” I asked. She said, “Sonia, I’m using the Unfiltered black seed oil by Immortal health!

Thus I visited the website and was impressed by the product’s high quality, evident from its rave reviews. Intrigued, I bought 2 bottles of the Unfiltered Black Seed Oil and noticed immediate positive changes upon using it.

A year later I am a whole new person!”

I have been feeling great, my hair feels thicker, and I haven’t experienced any flu-like symptoms. I also have more energy throughout the day, which makes it easier for me to go about my daily routine. Happiness is what really matters to me! Unfiltered black seed oil by Immortal Health is absolutely the best!

Thank you for reading Sonia’s testimonial! – Her story in her suffering as a result from the vaccine ended after using the Unfiltered black seed oil. She was bedridden, with the inability to get out of bed, leaving her in a lethargic and thus putting her in a seemingly lifeless state. We are beyond grateful to be apart of Sonia’s journey and encourage you reader to do what ever you can to take charge of your life BY bettering your overall well-being – “Health is Wealth.”

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