Black Seed Oil an anti-inflammatory for an Autoimmune disorder

Black Seed Oil, anti-inflammatory for an Autoimmune disorder

This powerful anti-inflammatory (black seed oil) has been a wonder to my family and for my son’s autoimmune disorder. 

The journey begun with my little man, I took it as a challenge and started our healing journey for his autoimmune disorder, and all inflammation, viral infections and diseases with the only beyond-organic Unfiltered Black Seed Oil from Immortal Health. 

Pansè – 36

 Wife, Mother of 4 & Wellness Seeker

“Silencing your disease does not heal it!”

Having a passion for wellness, I believe nature has a cure for every disease on this planet. 

Since the contents of our minds, bodies, and souls affect the DNA coding and expression of every human being and as a wife and mother of four, I do my best to prevent my family from getting ill.

My journey started specifically when I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I had gestational diabetes which I was able to manage

He was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (which is healed) around the age of 3 and diagnosed after a stressful & out hospital admission with a rare genetic autoimmune disorder.. 

After a few months, my son was able to shock his specialist, (as autoimmune conditions are said to be ‘incurable’) who prescribed him a medication that would harm his kidneys, definitely I didn’t give it to him nor the professor knew I didn’t.

As far as blood results were concerned, they were all within normal ranges for his age, and we played the epigenetic game with the Unfiltered Black Seed Oil. 

Genetics are largely in our hands, so I find it disturbing when people give up when they see the first signs of illness, reaching for a drug that has no effect if it doesn’t affect the rest of the body.

You cannot heal a disease by silencing it; your body will send other signals to heal.”

What makes this Unfiltered Black seed oil to be so incredible, is not only the wild, beyond -organic and unfiltered, but it is highly rich in fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

This makes it antioxidant, containing; anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-cancerous effects.

This is the only black seed oil that I rely on to heal coughs, viral infections and inflammation (any form of inflammation) in my home. 

I have suggested it to family, friends, relatives, extended community who use it for ALL their inflammation issues and for many other reasons!

I even use Immortal Health’s Black Seed Oil as a natural remedy for skin infections to also cure herpes in my 4 year old boy which worked like magic!!

I’m beyond grateful for such a product and can’t imagine my home without it as it helps my son with his autoimmune condition and my family’s total well-being.

Thank you for reading Pansès testimonial! – A Wife and Mother of four, being a true Wellness Seeker that desires to eradicate inflammation and autoimmune disorders, is what led her to the Unfiltered black seed oil.

Pansè is one of our many that religiously uses our product and cannot stop spreading the word about it!

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