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"Unfiltered Black Seed Oil from Immortal Health has completely changed my life and I couldn't believe the benefits of black seed oil for my menstruation problems!

I was feeling extremely unwell with the flu before I discovered this incredible wholefood, but after taking it, my life has never been the same.

The first day I began using the black seed oil, I felt an immediate difference.

My period pain has completely vanished, and I no longer suffer from the extreme lower back pains that used to plague me every month.

I now feel healthier than I have ever been and I feel like my performance in life just keeps getting better day by day”
Achol Anyuat
Entrepeneur - Sales Agent
"I suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome, a condition that attacks healthy cells in my body leaving me with skin irritation, blood rashes, along with a burning sensation which makes my legs and ankle swell.

A few days later I can honestly say that I can see and feel the results, my legs felt stronger, with no rash and swelling.

I’m able to juggle my day-to-day routines without any setbacks or pain whatsoever, and the effects of the Sjogren's Syndrome have gone!"
Mother & Founder of "Help You Cope"
"This powerful anti-inflammatory has been an absolute wonder to my family and for my son's autoimmune disorder. 

After a few months, my son was able to shock his specialist, (as autoimmune conditions are said to be 'incurable')

who prescribed him a medication that would harm his kidneys, I definitely didn't give it to him nor the professor knew I didn’t."
Mother - Wellness Seeker
“Immortal Health’s Black seed oil brought me back. My health was ruined due to the Covid Vaccine Injury, the Unfiltered Black Seed Oil has restored me.”
Sonia Canova
Childcare Worker

"My skin feels brand new like it’s been modified with no more skin irritation and no stomach bloating since the fight and made victory with a TKO win. The journey has been an incredible life lesson for me on how important the blackseed oil benefits can help with the balance of health."
Mike 'The Wild Thing' Hall
Professional Boxer
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